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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sakray Still Refuses To Patch?

Ok, that's what I am experiencing now. >.>

Surfed everywhere and I found a few solutions.

1. patch_allow errors.

Go to your RO folder. Gravity > RO. Search for patch_allow. Double click it and you may see deny on it. Replace it with allow. Save it. Now, right click patch_allow and select Properties. Select Read Only. Hit Apply/Ok.

This is the link for the above method. Just in case the link dies, at least we'd still know what to do. :D

2. Valhalla Patch

Not that sure how good it is but it looks nice. Doesn't seem to solve my problem though. But who knows if it may solve yours.

Extract it to your RO folder and it should work from there. It's used to update your Sakray and kRO.

Above all these pesky troubles of downloading this and that to make sure Sakray patches fine, I'm still with the first option.

Well, it seems like my Sakray is patching fine now. :D

Thanks to IC DeaDPiPoL and TalonRO for the help. ;)

1 comment:

rizza said...

the 1st option saved my ass... thanks :P